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Bridge/ interim Aid II - file your application with us for 09-12/2020 until 31.01.2021! Up to 50.000 € per month!
November / December Aid
Tax consultants, auditors and lawers only are allowed to take care of your application for bridge / interim aid.

The application period is very short for 9-12/2020 from end of October until the end of December 2020!

The grants from phase I were  transfered to phase II and if they are gone - then they are gone. You and we can submit your application in time via our portal.

Make a reservation and use the service to pre-examine your application and upload your data and documents. We are full service digital - so you save much time!

We support you through the application and verification process - quickly and efficiently.
numbers - data - facts

Second stage of interim aid (September until Dezember 2020)
Specifically, only fixed costs (such as rents, leases, ancillary costs, interest, tax consulting fees ect.) are reimbursed.

No support for goods or repayment instalments.
The decline in sales is decisive for the funding rate
You will not recieve any reimbursement of sales through bride aid, but only an allowance for fixed costs!

loss of sales min. 30 % until 50 %  = 40 % funding rate
loss of sales 50 % until 70 %  = 60 % funding rate
loss of sales over 70 % = 90 % funding rate

The funding rate increases by a flat rate of 20% for personal costs, 
because these are not fully covered by the state throuhg short-time work.

Only in individual cases (restaurants, hotels) you recieve the loss of sales reimbursed via November aid - max. 75% of your sales in November 2019 - just ask us, if you are affected by the November lockdown part.

This is particual true for massages, cosmetics, gastronomy and hotels.

Third stage of interim aid (January until Jun 2021)

We will inform you, when we know more- work is in progress

We think it will be like interim aid II.
Click on the green button to start the preliminary review (see below for costs)


Our services are fee-based, but are recocnized as eligible expences. Hence up to 108% are eligible.

Your cost - interim aid only - for November+ December check there

Step 1: Examination of application eligibility - flat reate 250 € plus VAT
(addressed at the time of application)
Step 2: Application for up to  5 employees 1.500 € plus VAT
        Application for up to 10 employees 2.500 € plus VAT
         Application for up to 30 employees 3.500 € plus VAT
         All others - please ask
(min. 10% of reimbursed brigde aid
max. 50% of reimbursed brigde aid)

Our fee is one for eligible expenses - is eligible for 40-108%

If we help you with brigde aid - the fee includes application for November Aid oder December Aid and individual aid for self-emploees.

Ihr / Dein direkter Draht zu uns! Call us!

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